5 Ideas for Small Landscapes

Tips from the Pittsburgh Lawn Care Experts

What makes Pittsburgh unique is the mix of urban, suburban and rural neighborhoods that make up our great region. There are homes with itty-bitty backyards, and other homes are resting on several acres of land. Sometimes, homeowners with small yards feel they can’t do much with their landscape due to the lack of square footage. The Pittsburgh landscapers at A&N Lawn Service Inc. are here to put an end to this notion once and for all!

This month, we’re dedicating our blog section to the homes that have small outdoor living spaces because we know there are a ton of interesting and unique landscape ideas you can create in even the smallest backyard!

Here are a few of our favorites!

Vertical GardensVertical Garden Pittsburgh
Vertical garden designs have been taking the landscaping world by storm – especially in the city neighborhoods where natural vegetation is hard to find! These crafty gardens are easy to build and maintain, yet can bring a small backyard, patio or deck space to life. Not to mention, a vertical garden draws your eyes upward, making the area in front of you seem bigger.

Plant rows of robust flowers or create your own outdoor spice rack with some fresh herb containers. We’ve seen amazing DIY designs where people have created vertical walls from wooden pallets and old headboards. We’ve even seen recycled 2-liter soda bottles turned into hanging planters strung up along walls with wire! You can find a ton of inspiration online. Plus, a lot of local garden centers have become hip to the vertical garden market, so it’s very easy to find affordable wall-planting accessories if you’re not super creative on your own.

Incorporating a Side Yard.
Sometimes homeowners look at their side yard as just a pass-through from the front yard to the back. This is valuable space for my friends! Include your side yard into your overall backyard by creating a place for a grill, outdoor café table with chairs or a long bench for extra seating. Add string lights to really give it a dose of ambiance, and you can turn this overlooked space into usable extra square footage.

Vivid Color Assortments 
Adding spots of vibrant colors in a small area draws your attention to those colors, making the background seem to disappear. This gives the illusion the space is bigger than it is. Add clay containers of bright red and pink impatiens or attach wall-planters of orange and yellow begonias to your vertical garden and turn your otherwise small space into a welcoming, cozy sanctuary.

Add Privacy Without Feeling Boxed In
Some homeowners want a bit of privacy, but when it comes to fencing in a small yard, it tends to feel cramped. A&N Lawn Service Inc. can help create a natural, living barrier using various shrubs that will add a friendly, yet semi-secluded feel.

Keep it Simple
Muck like tips from an interior designer, when you’re working with a small outdoor space, a landscaper will agree – less is more! The less you have displayed, the more space you have to move around. Don’t over clutter the area as small spaces shrink quickly. Also remember, when you have a smaller area you have the option to add and remove things easily and affordably. While tempting, don’t buy everything all at once. Outdoor living décor, flowers, and herbs can change seasonally so have fun updating your space all year round!


Still unsure about how to deal with a small or awkward outdoor space? Searching for someone to tackle your residential lawn care in Pittsburgh? Call A&N Lawn Service Inc. for all Pittsburgh landscaping needs!