ÔªøHow to Tell if Your Tree Has Frost Cracks

Frost Cracks, Do Your Trees Have it?

Trees covered in snow.

All home owners know how important it is to have trees on your property. They provide shade on those warm days, some coverage from the view of your neighbors, and they also add beauty to the landscaping of your yard. When you have trees that are growing on your property, it is important to do everything you can to take care of them. Each year you probably go and trim them up to ensure that they look their best. There are other things that a tree should be checked for as well, such as frost cracks.

Frost cracks are a type of damage that can happen to the bark of a tree. It is typically caused by temperatures that fluctuate and quickly drop to cold temperatures. Moisture that is on or within the tree can freeze when there is a sudden drop in temperature. This can then cause the bark to crack and show the inside of the tree. When the inside of the tree is exposed, there is a chance that fungus, bacteria, and insects can access the inside of the tree. This can make your tree unhealthy and possibly even cause some types of disease.

But you may be wondering how you can tell if the trees within your landscaping has frost cracks. In the spring it is normal for the outer layer of bark to begin to crack and peel away. This makes room for the tree to grow wider. But frost cracks are vertical cracks within the bark of the tree that look to be furrowed a little deeper into the tree. If you believe your tree has frost cracks, you can consult a landscaping service specialist, such as A & N Lawn Service Inc. based out of the Pittsburgh area, for verification.

It is important to have these trees treated as quickly as possible in order to ensure that they remain healthy. There are some home treatments that can be completed in order to try and give the tree the service and maintenance it needs, but a landscaping service company has the knowledge, equipment, and experience to ensure the treatment is done right.