Finish Yard Improvements Now to Enjoy Outdoor Living This Summer

Summer’s nearly here, but before you can break out your flip-flops and chaise lounge, you should prepare your yard. That way, you can enjoy the outdoor living that you love when summer arrives. Here’s a step-by-step guide that will make sure you’re ready.

Spring Debris Clean Up

Some winter storms carried high winds, bringing down branches and whipping old leaves into yards. Additionally, the normal winter wear-and-tear on your yard can mean that your property isn’t yet ready for pool parties and cookouts. The first thing that you concentrate when preparing your yard for the summer is organic and inorganic debris clean up. Once that’s done, you can move onto some design aspects.

Annuals and Perennials to Create Curb Appeal

Now, it’s time to concentrate on the placement of and types of plantings that you’d like as a part of your landscaping and total outdoor living package. Consider the look that you want—like a stand-alone area that’s designed with bright and colorful annual flowering plants, or maybe perennials that surround your walkways and lead guests to your front door.

Mulching Beds and Edging

Mulch goes hand-in-hand with plantings, because mulch retains moisture, controls weeds, and regulates temperature during the hot summer months. In addition to keeping plantings and trees healthy, mulch looks natural and draws the eye to your plantings. Organic mulch, in particular, is becoming more popular, since the natural decomposition process also provides nutrients to the soil. Edging creates a clean look around the mulch and helps to keep it from washing away.

Seeding and Sod Installation

If you have bare patches or whole areas where your grass hasn’t grown due to disease, heavy foot traffic, or other problems, you should fix them now before the heat of summer makes it much more difficult to install new grass. Also, if you’ve re-graded or you have new construction, you’ll need your entire lawn re-seeded. This can be done through over seeding or hydro seeding. If you want your lawn to be installed quickly, then sod may be your best choice.

Outdoor Living Projects Designed by A & N Lawn Service

Your commercial or residential property can look picture-perfect by summer. A & N Lawn Service provides Pittsburgh lawn and landscape maintenance packages that include debris clean-up, mulching, weeding, and lawn treatments. Call us today to ensure that you’ll be ready to enjoy the outdoors this summer.


Creating a Hardscape

Hardscaping Services

Adding hardscape elements to your home is an effective way to give your yard more functionality and useable space while increasing the value of your property. When combined with a new landscape, you can create a welcoming outdoor space that everyone will love. A&N Lawn Service is here for all of your hardscaping and landscaping needs. We will help you to create the outdoor living space of your dreams.

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Enhance Your Lawn this Spring and Summer

Enhancing Your Lawn!

There are many simple things you can do to enhance your lawn this spring and summer. Although spring is not quite in full bloom, an impressive and healthy lawn starts much before the seasons of sunshine. Seasonal lawn maintenance, regardless of the time of year, is important for any landscape. At A&N Lawn Service Inc., we have the exact services you need to make your landscape reach its optimal state of health and beauty.

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Cold Weather is Still Here!

Cold Weather Lawn Service

The spring season may be slowly creeping in, but the winter is still here. However, colder weather doesn’t mean you should neglect the care of your lawn. Instead, you should change the techniques you are using to maintain your landscape. Adjusting your lawn maintenance methods to the current season will help to keep it healthy all year long, and with the help of professionals, like our experts at A&N Lawn Service Incorporated, you will have the best lawn possible.

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Is Your Entry Door Winter Ready?

Is Your Entryway Winter Ready?

Winter in Pittsburgh can be unpredictable, needless to say, if you’re a native. However, being prepared for all of winter’s possibilities is something you can count on, and is greatly beneficial to everyone’s safety. From the footpaths leading to the entryways of your business or home and the roofs above them, to the doorways themselves, it is important to keep your entryways winter ready all season long. A&N Lawn Service Inc. is here to help with expert, professional services in commercial and residential snow removal.

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Landscape Maintenance Packages &Benefits

Packages and Benefits

Whether your land is residential or commercial, it needs to be maintained. From aesthetics, to general health, all property needs a bit of seasonal care. At A&N Lawn Service Inc., we ensure quality lawn and landscape services no matter which maintenance package you choose or create. Since we offer various options and customizations, you are sure to fulfill your landscaping needs with complete satisfaction.

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Planning Your Next Hardscaping Project

Planning Your Next Hardscape Project

If you’re dreaming of a beautiful outdoor living space that’s ready for use this summer, then the time to start planning is now. Although it’s cold outside, mid to late winter is the best time to begin thinking about and actively planning your next outdoor hardscaping project. Depending upon the scope of the project, it may take several months before your vision of an outdoor living space is finally a reality. So whether you’re in need of retaining wall installation, stone walkways, a patio, or an outdoor kitchen for entertaining this summer, now is the time to get moving.

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Safely Remove Snow this Winter

Removing Snow Safely in the Winter

The winter season is fast approaching, and we will soon be swapping our piles of leaves for piles of snow. Although sled riding, ice-skating and building snowmen are fun activities, the ice and snow of winter can also be dangerous. A&N Lawn Service Inc. has been providing quality snow removal services for 15 plus years, and whether you’re doing it yourself or plan to have some help, knowing how to safely remove ice and snow from your property is important.

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Simple Steps to Make Your Lawn and Landscape Winter-Ready

Is Your Lawn Winter-Ready

It is no secret that Pittsburgh’s winters can be rough; filled with the shivers, road salt and dangerous driving. Despite the frozen temperatures, however, you can keep your lawn from suffering too. Before the snow and ice hits, you can ready your lawn for the winter in a few simple steps, preventing further hassle for yourself in the spring.

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Heating Your Outdoor Living Space

Adding Heat to Your Outdoor Living Space

You love enjoying the comforts of your Pittsburgh outdoor living space and you don’t want it to end, but the city does get cold, and the seasons are changing. Cold weather, however, does not mean you have to stop enjoying your outdoor living space. At A&N Lawn Service Inc., we can provide you with a few tips for warming up your space.

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