Reasons to Invest in a Paver Patio

Patios provide the perfect place to relax after a long day or even to gather with friends and family. When installing a patio, you have a multitude of options to choose from, but one proves to be superior – that’s pavers. Pavers are stones that are typically made from concrete; they can also be made from clay bricks or natural stone. A&N Lawn Service, your local retaining wall installers, share these reasons why pavers are the way to go. Continue reading

Where’s the Best Place to Buy Plants?

When you have your hands in the dirt and your head in the sun, you are one with nature as you add to your vibrant garden. Whether you are revamping, rejuvenating, or redoing your garden, perfect plants are a huge part of the process. So, where is the best place to buy plants? The answer is easy: a local nursery like A&N Garden and Greenhouse. There are many advantages to buying for your local Pittsburgh nursery than a big-name retailer when considering the source, availability, service, and quality.
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Preventing Frost Damage in Plants

Gardeners put in a lot of work to get their gardens and yards in peak condition. They must keep pests and weeds out and combat threats from weather, like frost.

Frost occurs during cloudless nights as temperatures drop towards freezing. Ice crystals form as the cold air sinks closer to the ground. The vapor then condenses from the air and settles on plant materials. Light frost tends to occur below 40°F, and frost advisories occur between 32-36°F. Continue reading

Falling into our Fall Festival

As summer collapses into fall and the leaves start to turn, we begin to witness the autumn splendor. Nature treats us to its art show as the mosaic of fall foliage offers a stunning visual for our world. If you’re looking for a family-friendly way to kick off the start of the fall season, look no further! Continue reading

Fall Landscaping Projects

As the leaves begin to dance in the autumn breeze, the sun sets earlier, and the temperatures start to drop. Fall is the best time to work in the garden. The soil is easier to dig, the temperatures are comfortable, and the weather becomes more predictable. You won’t want to wait too late to start working in your garden, but watch the leaves turn as you start your fall lawn care in Pittsburgh! A&N Lawn Care offers these fall gardening ideas. Continue reading

When to Start Planting Fall Gardens

As summer draws to a close, the days get shorter and temperatures begin to drop. Many avid gardeners mourn the loss of the sun that enabled their summer Pittsburgh nurseries to flourish.

Fall Garden Planting

Even though the weather has witnessed some changes, homegrown goodness can stretch beyond the summer months as there are many choices cool weather offers. Think about what you would buy in the grocery store and then plant it at home! A&N Lawn Service, Inc., knows the potential of a fall nursery in Pittsburgh and good lawn care. 

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Keeping Grass Green in the Summer

We want our lawns to look their best in the summertime, but it’s also the time that they undergo the most stress.  Between drought and hot temperatures, increased foot traffic from kids and pets, as well as insect and disease issues brought on by warmer temperatures, our lush green lawns can quickly turn dry and brown.  While some of these issues are inevitable during summer, having a dry, brown lawn shouldn’t be.

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