Five Fabulous Outdoor Hardscape Ideas for Fireplaces

Five Fabulous Outdoor Hardscape Ideas for Fireplaces

Regardless of the warming trends we’ve enjoyed during the past few years, Pittsburgh-area weather is usually pretty cold from November through March. Many traditional outdoor areas can only be enjoyed in the late spring, summer, and early fall. Pools, patios, and decks are usually abandoned until the chill is out of the air. 

Outdoor Fireplaces Add Comfort in Every Season

How about an idea for an outdoor feature that you can use the entire year in Pittsburgh? Fireplaces are an outdoor addition that add beauty and value to your property, while allowing you and your family a welcome escape from the indoors. Add a couple of cozy blankets and some outdoor cooking gear, and you’ll look forward to being outside.

Just like indoor fireplaces, no two outdoor fireplaces are alike. Adding other hardscape features will make this area one-of-a-kind.  

·       Mantel. A mantel isn’t only for the indoors. You can also add a mantel to an outdoor fireplace. Use the same family of materials, or mix and match. Treated, reclaimed wood beams strike a rustic tone, traditional wood is classic, and cast stone and metal have a modern vibe.  Other options include limestone, granite, or concrete.

·       Hearth. If you want to sit close to the fire (great during the winter months, or after an evening dip in the pool), a hearth should be included in your fireplace design. Make sure that the hearth is not too high or narrow. Brick, flagstone, and concrete are common hearth coverings.

·       Retaining Wall. This feature can be used on the sides or behind your fireplace. It extends your hardscape, creates drama, and is the perfect place to put flowers and other greenery. Some retaining walls are designed around built-in grill tops, creating an outdoor kitchen to complement the fireplace.  

·       Seating. Some seating can be designed as a part of the hardscape. For instance, building a stone or concrete seating configuration as a sectional or circular setup ensures plenty of seating and ties the fireplace and patio together. Of course, you can also purchase outdoor furniture in any style if cushioned comfort is important.  

·       Lighting. No matter the time of year, you’ll need lighting for ambiance and safety. Hardscape lighting is designed to work with stone materials. Uplighting with wall lights and directional lights will showcase the fireplace and surrounding area properly.  

Hardscape Outdoor Fireplace Projects in Pittsburgh
Let A&N Lawn Service help you design an outdoor fireplace that can enjoyed year-round. We have multiple financing options available that allow you to fund these projects over time. Call A&N Lawn Service today to learn more. 

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